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Renting of house

Renting of a house/apartment in Denmark is not an easy thing and many things have to be addressed.

Foreigners arriving in Denmark normally rent a house (house or apartment) when they arrive in Denmark.

It also happens they the employer of the expat is the renter of the house mainly due to the fact the a company is a more solid payer and due to tax reasons.

The rental contract can either be limited in time or time unlimited. According to Danish residential rental law a renter can not terminate a rentor unless the rental is limited in time.

We can assist you finding the right area to rent a house and the right house to rent. We can also prepare or review the rental contract to secure that it is properly done in order that no unexpected surprise occur.

Depending on the age of the house to be rented there might be limitations for the size of the monthly rent. We are able to determine if the monthly rent and other conditions are in accordance with the law.

Contact us on if you need advice and assistance with renting of a house/apartment.

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