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Employment in Denmark

Danish employment issues and to be considered when working in Denmark.

Employment in Denmark.

When you are working as an employee in Denmark you are entitled to have an employment contract which meets certain minimum conditions for the employment. If the employer has not prepared such a contract he might be imposed with economic sanctions from the employee.

A special law states the minimum content of the employment contract.

As an employee you are entitled e.g. to a certain minimum period of notice and holiday rights and economic compensation when the employment ends. You earn right to holidays normally 2.5 holiday per full working month and once a year you are entitled to a special holiday payment. In the first year of employment your salary should be reduced when you are taking your holidays and when the employment ends you are entitled to a holiday payment which size depends on the number of holidays earned and not used.

The employer is obliged to withhold income taxes and social security contributions each month. Unemployment insurance is not mandatory in Denmark so it is very important to address this issue in order to avoid loosing insurance payments if unemployment occurs either in Denmark or after leaving Denmark.

When you arrive in Denmark you need to register your Danish address with the National Registration Office (Folkeregisteret) in order to receive a personal registration number (CPR number) and to receive a social security card. You must also contact the tax office (Skat) in order to estimate your annual income and to obtain a tax card to be used by your employer.

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