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Taxation when moving to Denmark

Arriving in Denmark opens many tax saving options for individuals planning their Danish taxes.

Taxation when moving to Denmark.

The Danish taxation of individuals is very high if you do not plan your position from day one.

If you have been living in Denmark for many years it is complicated to reduce the Danish tax liability. However, if you come to Denmark for a limited period of time, it is possible to reduce the Danish liability significantly. There are many ways to reduce the Danish income tax liability but in order to obtain tax advantages a tax planning must be done at the entry.

If you do receive tax planning you will be taxed with marginal tax rates of up to approx. 57 % from 2010.

We are able to plan your taxes with a marginal income taxation limit of 25 %.

This can be done by applying the special expat tax regime with a gross taxation of salary of 25 %. In order to apply this tax regime a lot of conditions are to be met including e.g. a minimum monthly salary of approx. 70,000 DKK and only to be obtained for a maximum of 3 years.

We can also offer to create a taxation of 25 % of salary for other individuals than those meeting the conditions for the special expat tax regime. These structures need careful tax planning and are only made available to our clients and not shown to anybody just fishing for free tax planning.

We can also reduce Danish taxation of the profits of the business for self employed individuals from 57 % from 2010 to 25 %.

Taxation of proceeds from capital such as interest income is normally taxed in Denmark with tax rates up to 52.5 % from 2010. We can limit the taxation to 25 % also in these cases.

Capital gain on shares will normally be taxes with 42 % from 2010 if realized when living in Denmark. If the gains are accrued when arriving in Denmark we can plan realisation on these gains to be zero taxed. We can set up tax structures whereby gains on shares accrued under Danish tax residency are tax free and also under certain conditions whereby gains on shares realized are tax free in Denmark.

Taxation on other kinds of income can in many cases also be reduced by tax planning.

Please do not hesitate to send an email to in order for us to determine your options to reduce Danish tax liability.

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